Gift Packaging Service


For our customers with gift packaging need, we provide two types of packaging below.


Small gift box with black bag for 80 dollar / Best for 1~2 pieces

Big gift box with black bag for 100 dollar / Best for 3~4 pieces

 All GLADE's gift boxes made from recycled paper are environmental-friendly.

If you have the need for gift packaging, click additional purchase at the product's page to checkout together. Thank you. ☺


<img src=”gift-1.jpeg” alt=”大小禮盒包裝示範”>
<img src=”gift-6.gif” alt=”紙袋中拿出小禮盒的示範動圖”>
<img src=”gift-2.jpeg” alt=”大小禮盒包裝示範”>
<img src=”gift-3.jpeg” alt=”大小禮盒包裝示範”>
<img src=”gift-4.jpeg” alt=”紙袋和小禮盒的示範圖”>
<img src=”gift-5.jpeg” alt=”大小禮盒包裝示範”>