✉ How to order

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GLADE. will deliver the product after receiving order within three workdays.

Please check your product after receiving. If the product have been washed or the tags have been cut off, returning will not be accepted.

If you would like to apply for return, please message our official site of Facebook for faster response.

Last, put on your GLADE. and go exercise!

✉ How to ship

GLADE. now offers two ways of shipping.

1. Through 7-11
60 dollar for delivery fee. Please write your full name that is on your ID card or passport. Customer will have to pay for the delivery fee if the product got sent back.

2. Through SF Express that delivers to your door
60 dollar for mainland Taiwan and 210 dollar for Taiwanese islands.

✉ Oversea shipping service

For oversea customers that would like to order and know the shipping details, contact us through our official WeChat account or Facebook Fanpage .

✉ How to pay

GLADE. now offers two payment method.

1. Through 7-11 when collecting your package.

2. Through credit card online
Visa, Master and JCB are supported.